Common Issues & Workarounds

This help page contains a list of common installation / update problems as well as troubleshooting steps and work arounds. 

Patch Install Failures

Patch Fails with message: Use the above command to remove the dbex.lck files

This failure is a preventative failure to keep the patch from being installed if the DTS Service is running on Linux installations.  The DTS can sometimes leave lock files so the error can occur even if the DTS has been shut down.  To work around, verify that the DTS and Staging DTS services are shutdown by running the <InstallDir>/ and <InstallDir>/Staging/ command, then copy,paste, and run the delete / find command in the error message to the console.  After the command is run you can run the patch again.  This failure may happen twice in installations with both production and staging DTS instances installed in the Installation tree. 

Patch fails to install with a database connection / database permission error

This error usually occurs on installations that have been migrated between servers or between databases.  It can also happen if the database username or password has changed since the product was originally installed.  To resolve follow the steps to verify / updated the <InstallDir>/rxconfig/Installer/ file in Appendix A of the Migrating Percussion Environments page to correct the file.  Once that is complete, uninstall the failed patch by running ./ or uninstall.bat, and then run the patch install again. 

Patch fails to install with a mysql repository database error on foreign key / index

This error can be caused by an incorrect database collation on the mysql server.  To correct this, make sure that the database collation is correct on the database.  Run the following SQL:

ALTER DATABASE yourdb CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;

Once completed, uninstall and then install the patch again. 

Post Installation Issues

DTS Fails to start with com.percussion.tomcat.valves.PSSimpleRedirectorValve.invoke( ~[perc-tomcat-common-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:?] Errors in Logs

This error can be caused by a missing or broken database driver when the DTS service is started.  If the DTS is configured for MySQL and you are using a symbolic link for the MySQL Java Connector.  Verify that the link is still good by checking the mysql-connector.jar file in the Deployment/Server/lib/mysql-connector.jar location.