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Patch id: 732_20171007

Known Issues

Linux patch install failing at end 

If you downloaded the patch shortly after release and are installing to a Linux server you may see the following error on patch install.  If you download the patch currently you will not have this issue.  

/home/rhythmyx/Rhythmyx/Patch/732_20171007/config/deploy.xml:152: /home/rhythmyx/Rhythmyx/Patch/732_20171007/config/rhythmyx.home not found.

You can choose to run the file remove the patch zip files and directory, then rerun with a re-downloaded patch.  Alternatively you can just manually run the two commands that are did not run due to this issue.  

cd {rhythmyx home}/jetty

chmod a+x *.sh

./ --create-startd --create-files

Contrast Module preventing startup if explicitly enabled

We include a jetty module that adds a check on security of Object Serialization.   You can see more information about the vulnerability at the following page . We run this module in development to locate vulnerabilities, as a fail safe you may choose to run this module in production.   This module is set as an optional module in this patch that can be enabled if required.  There is an issue in the current path with the paths declared in the module that have changed.  If you already have this module explicitly enabled or try to enable it ( you will see a file in jetty/base/start.d/contrast.ini ).  In this case startup will fail with the following error

Error occurred during initialization of VM 
agent library failed to init: instrument 
Error opening zip file or JAR manifest missing : ../bin/contrast-rO0/contrast-rO0.jar

If you see this error you can either choose to disable the module by removing the jetty/base/start.d/contrast.ini or you can modify jetty/defaults/contrast.mod and change the two cases of the path prefix "../" to be "../../"  

If you want to enable the module you will need to make the change to the contrast.mod file and run the following command to enable.

./ --add-to-start=contrast

The module file will be corrected in the next patch.



Downloads are available via the support portal at


Release notes - Rhythmyx - Version 7.3.2 20171007


  1. Update to jetty to jetty-9.4.7.v20170914
  2. Fix Jetty ActiveMQ memory configuration
  3. Improve Linux Jetty installation and startup scripts
  4. Updates to SFTP client for latest security
  5. Error Handling and performance fixes
  6. Fixup Assembly time Includes. Allow for publishing items with different filter in the content list than Assembly


  • [RHYT-1514] - Inline image preview not working in DCE
  • [RHYT-1519] - Clicking on Rhythmyx inline links in tinyMCE loads the target content in DCE
  • [RHYT-1521] - DCE is overriding context menu actions of TinyMCE
  • [RHYT-1527] - DCE - Promoting revisions results in blank screen
  • [RHYT-1532] - Assembly time nav include - Breaks page navigation due to missing include file for navon in draft state
  • [RHYT-1584] - DCE: Cannot Preview content of type "File" or "Image"
  • [RHYT-1601] - DCE: Related Content Links Do Not Work
  • [RHYT-1608] - Fix Jetty ActiveMQ memory issues and allow customer configuration
  • [RHYT-1611] - NavonInvocationHandler throwing UndeclaredThrowableException and loosing cause
  • [RHYT-1615] - DCE - Active Assembly Table Editor "Move to another slot and/or change variant" does not work
  • [RHYT-1617] - JSCH SFTP client out of date - update to 1.0.54 to support modern ciphers
  • [RHYT-1619] - Do not get ObjectManager from spring every time it is requested store reference in static
  • [RHYT-1620] - Change missing landing page error to warning and set maximum times to log
  • [RHYT-1621] - Navigation slots being loaded from DB for every nav item
  • [RHYT-1622] - Remove parse error logging from Jericho unless specifically turned on for class
  • [RHYT-1623] - Suppress ClientAbortException Errors
  • [RHYT-1624] - Update Jetty Linux service scripts, allow install and uninstall
  • [RHYT-1612] - Update jetty from jetty-9.3.7.v20160115 to jetty-9.4.7.v20170914
  • [RHYT-1613] - A folder id of 0 for no folderid will prevent folder being located automatically on site path.
  • [RHYT-1634] - RhythmyxServerPropertiesEditor does not save properties if ssl keystore is set
  • [RHYT-1635] - DCE logging configuration not working without change to
  • [RHYT-1636] - Force DCE Login window to top
  • [RHYT-1637] - Make sure jetty/base/perc-ssl.ini is removed if it was manually added as module is no longer used.

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