Changing a Query Resource's Cache Settings

Resource caching is an advanced feature.

To change a resource's cache settings:

  1. In the Pipe Properties dialog, click [Cache Settings].

    Percussion displays the Cache Settings dialog.

Cache Settings


  • To enable caching for the resource, check Enable Caching; to disable caching for the resource, uncheck Enable Caching.
  • To add CGI variables, cookies, and user context variables to the default key for the cached page, click Add 

    Percussion opens a Value Selector dialog that allows you to create CGI variables, cookies, and user context variables.

    Create as many additional key values as necessary.

  • To delete a key value, select the value and click remove button.
  • To have Percussion automatically flush the page if data obtained by a dependency changes, add the dependency manually by specifying the query resource(s) that obtain the data:

    Click the Dependencies tab.



Cache Settings Dependencies

Click Add to open the Select Dependency dialog.



  • In the Application Name drop list, choose the application name associated with the dependency, and in the Resource Name drop list, choose the resource used to add the additional data. Click [OK] to enter the dependency on the Dependencies tab.

    Add all dependencies that affect the result page data.

    To remove a dependency, select it and click Remove.

  • Click [OK] to save the cache settings.


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