Modifying an Application

Modifying an Application

You can modify an application by adding or removing resources. you can use any of the options for creating a new resource to add a resource to the application.

To delete an a resource, select the resource you want to delete and press the <Delete> key on your keyboard. The Workbench displays a confirmation message before deleting the resource.

Adding Extension Parameters

Several features in the Workbench let you specify extensions to perform a function. When you choose an extension to perform one of these operations, you can add or edit parameters for the extension.

To modify or add extension parameters:

  1. If the Parameters dialog does not automatically open, click [...] beside the extension.

    The Parameters dialog opens.

Extension Parameters


  • Modify default parameters or add new parameter Names and Values. Optionally, add Parameter descriptions for parameters.
  • Click [OK].

    The Parameters dialog closes.


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