XML Application Procedures

XML Application Procedures

Creating a New Application

To create a new application:

  1. In the Menu bar, choose File > New > Other....

    The Workbench displays the Eclipse New Object Wizard dialog.

  2. Select Application and click the [Next] button.

    The Workbench displays the Application wizard.

  3. Enter a name for the application in the Application name field. Optionally enter a Description.
  4. Click the [Finish] button.

    Percussion creates the application and opens the Application editor. You can now add new resources to the application.


Creating New Resources

Percussion provides five options for creating new resources:

Resources fall into three categories:

  • Query resources retrieve data from the Repository, map it to an XML document, and apply formatting from any XSL stylesheet that might be associated with the resource.
  • Update resources modify the Repository with data drawn from an XML document.
  • Non-text Resources retriever binary data, such as graphic files, from the Repository.

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