As organizations look to expand the number of users contributing content to the web, it becomes all the more important to have a strong governance process in place to ensure quality and consistency, whilst maintaining usability. Percussion CMS provides a variety of methods for organizations to maintain a dynamic and growing team of content contributors. 



Percussion lets you establish role-based workflows to ensure content is reviewed and approved prior to making it to your website. 

The Workflow Overview explains how Percussion's workflow works.

Setting up a workflow provides guidance on how to establish your workflow.

Moving Content Through the Workflow is a good primer to show content contributors how they can progress the content through the approval process. 



Security works hand in hand with workflow.  

Managing users explains how to bring users into the system, both manually, and using LDAP.  

Managing roles shows you how to establish roles in the system and what those roles can do. 

In addition to workflow, Percussion also supports Folder security to provide additional flexibility for limiting which users can access which content in the system.