Installing, starting, and stopping the new Jetty Service

Installing, starting, and stopping the Percussion Service

After upgrading to 5.4 Jetty will be configured based upon your 5.3 configuration.  All customer configurations for Jetty are located in the jetty/base folder.

After upgrade or a new installation, the following files will be created for you in Jetty:

  • <InstallDir>/jetty/base/etc/
  • <InstallDir>/jetty/base/etc/perc-ds.xml
  • <InstallDir>/jetty/base/etc/

The file will contain settings for HTTPS if you had HTTPS set up prior on the JBoss installation.  Jetty will exclusively start with HTTP until you enable HTTPS. 

Directions on how to Enable HTTPS and configure HTTP and HTTPS ports

Installing the Percussion CMS Service

After upgrade the existing Percussion CMS service should be removed and a new Service should be installed.

Installing the new PercussionCMS service on Windows

  1. Run control services
  2. Verify that there is no existing Percussion CMS service if there, not the service name.
  3. Run a Windows Command Prompt as an Administrator
  4. cd {InstallDir}\jetty\service
  5. install-jetty-service.bat delete <Old Service Name>
  6. install-jetty-service.bat install
  7. Refresh Windows Service Manager
  8. Using Service Manager start the PercussionCMS service.

Installing the new PercussionCMS service on Linux

  1. Connect to a Terminal session on the Linux server as a user with sudo privileges (service installation must be performed by a root user).
  2. cd {InstallDir}/jetty/service
  3. sudo ./ cleanupJBoss
  4. sudo ./ install
  5. You will be prompted for the username that you will run Percussion as, for example "percussion" or "root"
  6. After the service is installed you can start it with the following command.
  7. sudo service PercussionCMS start
This will install the service to /etc/init.d/
The script will check to see if a service is already installed for this instance and will set it up to start when the server starts up.

Starting and stopping the Jetty service

After installing the Jetty service, it will automatically start every time the system is booted.


To start and stop the PercussionCMS Service on Windows, use the same install batch file to start and stop Jetty, using the following parameters:

install-jetty-service.bat start
install-jetty-service.bat stop


You will usually have to logged in as root or use the sudo command and have permissions to start and stop the services.


To start and stop the Jetty Service on Ubuntu, Debian, and RHEL6 use the following commands:

service PercussionCMS start
service PercussionCMS stop
 CentOS 6

To start and stop the Percussion Service on CentOS6, use the following commands:

chkconfig PercussionCMS on
chkconfig PercussionCMS off
RHEL7/CentOS 7

To start and stop the Percussion Service on CentOS 7 and RHEL7, use the following commands:

systemctl start PercussionCMS
systemctl stop PercussionCMS

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