Upgrade Guide

Upgrade Guide

Installation Overview

The 5.4 release in a upgrade release for Percussion CM1. 

Preparing For Upgrade


  • Percussion version should be 5.3.15 SR1 - at Patch level 5315_20200420 

Linux Prerequisites

Free Type and Font Config libraries are required by the thumbnailing engine.

For RHEL based distributions:

  • sudo yum install freetype
  • sudo yum install fontconfig

For Debian based distributions: 

  • sudo apt-get install freetype
  • sudo apt-get install fontconfig

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows Server
    • Actively supported 64-bit Microsoft versions
  • Linux
    • Actively supported 64-bit Debian/Ubuntu versions
    • Actively supported 64-bit RedHat Enterprise Linux versions
    • Actively supported 64-bit  AWS Linux

Java Version

 5.4 has been built with the OpenJDK 1.8 and validated on the OpenJRE 1.8 runtime.  We ship Amazon's Corretto 1.8 distribution of the OpenJDk. 

Trusted Certificates

If you have imported custom certificates (such as Active Directory or LDAP) into the Java runtime, they will be lost on upgrade to 5.4.  To prevent this, follow the instructions on automating import of trusted certificates prior to running the upgrade.