MySQL Recommended Settings

There are a number of settings for MySQL that can be adjusted to improve system performance. 

1.    max_allowed_packet: This setting controls the max size of a communication packet a single SQL statement can send to the MySQL server.  By default this is set very low to 1 megabyte.  You will have issues uploading any assets over 1 megabyte unless you increase this value. We recommend setting this to the maximum value of 1073741824.


2.    connect_timeout: This setting controls how long MySQL waits for a data packet before responding with a bad handshake, or timeout message.  The default for this is 10 seconds. If you experience handshake, or timeout errors when retrieving large amounts of data, try increasing this value.

3.    max_connections:  This setting controls how many connections can be made to MySQL at a given time. This is primarily used for databases being used by multiple applications or with heavy traffic.  

4.    max_user_connections:  This setting controls how many user connections can be made with one MySQL account at a given time.  This is set to 0 which means unlimited by default.  This setting does not need to be changed.

For a listing of all the server system variables, visit:

MySQL Connector for Java

The MySQL Connector for Java is required for CM1 and DTS installations that are configured to run on MySQL.  For license incompatibility reasons, Percussion does not ship the MySQL Connector and customers are prompted to provide the path to the driver when installing the product to run with a MySQL database as a backend.

For customer's running in Linux environments, a best practice would be to install the MySQL Connector for Java using your operating system's Package Manager, typically yum or apt, and then symbolically link the driver to the appropriate location in the Percussion installation.  This will allow the driver to be updated with normal operating system updates. 

The recommended location & filename to symlink this driver is:





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