Evergage Beacon Widget

The Evergage Beacon Widget allows you to integrate Evergage's real-time personalization tools into Percussion.

The first step is to drag the Evergage Beacon widget from the "Community" section of the Widget Tray onto each one of your site's templates, that way the personalization tools will be available on all your site's pages.

Location of the Evergage Beacon Widget in the Percussion Widget Tray

Next, open the Evergage widget's configuration properties in your template's Layout Tab and enter the information provided by your Evergage representative for Evergage Account and Evergage Data Set.

Evergage Beacon Widget configuration menu

You can configure the widget to be "Enabled" or "Disabled" on a particular template using the dropdown menu.

After you finish configuring the widget on your templates, run a full publish to update your site and the Evergage Beacon will be available for use on your published pages. 

For more information on how to use Evergage's personalization tools contact your Evergage rep or for info on signing up for the service go to: www.evergage.com.