Bulk Managed Link Processing

Customer running version of CM1 prior to 5.4 are recommend to run this procedure to minimize the occurence of broken links in their implementation.  Administrators that want to update all existing Assets and Pages managed by the CMS to use Managed Links have an option to bulk process all existing content in the system at system startup.   Performing this one time update would be desired if content in existing Assets do not have the perc-managed="true" attribute on existing Image, File, or Page Links.  

To perform the bulk conversion remove the following files from the Percussion Server:



By default these files are empty and contain no data.  When these files are not present, when the CMS is restarted, the system will process all links found in existing Assets and Pages on the system and automatically convert them to managed links. 

The bulk conversion process will slow down the server startup, progress will be reported in the <InstallDir>/logs/AppServer/server.log file. 

After successful startup, the log of Assets processed will be in the Assets.json file, and the log of all Pages processed will be in the Pages.json file.  These files are located in the <InstallDir>/upgrade/processedlinks/ folder.