Setting up Categories

Categories provide the ability to organize pages according to a controlled vocabulary of your choosing. This offers you another way to organize content, and will allow your site visitors to easily find content of interest to them.

Step 1

To define categories and sub-categories, you must have access to the file system where CM1 is installed. Locate the Percussion/web_resources/categories folder. Within this folder, you will see the tree.xml file.

Step 2

Categories are defined using a node-tree structure. You can create your own parent/child/sibling relationships, or for convenience, use the sample tree.xml file provided as a starting point.


Note that “label” corresponds to what is displayed within CM1's meta-data editor, and that the “selectable” attribute allows a clickable check-box. To disable the check-box on a specific node, change the value to “no”.

Step 3

If using the sampletree.xml file, paste this file into the categories folder. Rename the default file to originaltree.xml. Rename the sampletree.xml file to tree.xml. Replace the sample Node id’s and labels with your desired categories and sub-categories. 

TreeXML Example

To add additional categories or sub-categories, paste Nodes as needed, while preserving the hierarchal structure.

Step 4

You will now be able to categorize pages when in the meta-data editor. For more information, see the page on the Category List Widget.