CM1-5.3-SR1-Patch [cmPatch5315_20161024_201608R05]

5.3 SR1 Patch [cmPatch5315_20161102_201608R05]

With this update, Percussion is introducing a new Patching mechanism for CM1.  The new Patch process will allow Percussion to ship more frequent updates between point release updates, and is a step toward enabling auto update capabilities at some point in the future.

Patches will be numbered by ID and date, and are only applicable for the release specified.  Patches will include a Readme.txt file with instructions on installing the patch and any Additional Configuration that may be required.  There will also be a link to the Patch zip and to an MD5 file which can be used to verify that the Patch download was successful. 

For information on the CM1 5.3 SR1 release, please see the full release notes here

This patch is applicable to CM1 5.3 SR1 Build 14 or Build 15.  The Readme file contains instructions on Downloading and applying the patch to your CM1 installation.

Changes in this Patch

Defects Corrected

CMS-2572 - IDs are printed as the category instead of a string in the source HTML with XML publishing

After upgrade to CM1 5.3 Sites using Categories and the XML publishing feature were picking up the new UUID for the category instead of the Category Name.  This issue is resolved by this patch.  

CMS-2557 - Workflow transition issues have been resolved when approving/submitting items

This issues affects all prior versions of CM1 that use the Allowed Sites feature for Asset folders.  If a Site was deleted and the Site had been used in Allowed Sites for an Asset folder, Assets in that folder would fail to workflow with a Workflow Transition error.  This issue has been resolved. 

CMS-2682 - Delete site logic is not removing deleted site from 'allowed' sites configured with assets folders.

The delete site feature has been updated to remove any Allowed Site references when a site is deleted. 

CMS-2213 - LogicMonitor User Agent is heavily populating the server logs

System Administrators that use the Logic Monitor server monitoring tool to monitor their Percussion environment will no longer flood the server logs with unsupported user agent warnings. 

CMS-2694 - Missing mimetype and cache header when publishing to Amazon S3

The Amazon S3 publisher now correctly sets a cache header to allow for better client side caching. This is part of a round of Page speed work being done on the product.

CMS-2796 - RSS feeds cache concurrency errors have been resolved

This issue affected all prior versions of CM1 where in intermittent scenarios the RSS feed would fail with a 500 error. The defect is resolved. 

CMS-2656 - Javascript calls to DTS using EasyXDM do not fallback to error handler methods if the DTS is unavailable

This corrects an issue where in certain scenarios, if the DTS was down, or unavailable, static pages would render slowly. This is part of Page Speed work being done on the product.

CMS-2768 - Updated default ehcache.xml configuration with higher defaults for the Workflow cache.

A low default cache settings was negatively affecting overall system performance for customers using large numbers of Workflows. This has been corrected.

CMS-210 - Remove support for 32bit phantomJS and move to 64bit ver 2.1.1

The library used for creating thumbnails and screen shots of templates and pages was never updated to 64-bit when the product was migrated to 64-bit.  This resulted in issues on systems where certain 32-bit support libraries were not available.  The library has been updated to 64 bit to resolve this issue. 

Enhancements Included in the Patch

CMS-2573 - Integrated form-email service

One of several enhancements to the Form widget, there is a new form field type and capability for sending emails to a drop down list of contacts (such as Faculty or Staff members).  For more information see this link:

CMS-2563 - Integrate Honeypot spam filter within form widget

The Form widget now includes a Honeypot option to deter Form spammers and robots from your forms. For more information see this link:

CMS-2269 - Integrate Calendar 2.0

A new Calendar Widget is available with better Responsiveness, better international support,  and a new Google Calendar integration.  For more information see:

CMS-2621 - Integrated updated Page Auto List widget

A new Hide Historical Results option has been added to the Page Auto List widget. This checkbox allows the Page Autolist to only display results that have dates set in the future. You can select either the Content Publish Date or Calendar End Date as the filterable date metadata property.  See for more information.

CMS-2748 - Integrated a change password dialog in CM1

For non LDAP / Active Directory deployments, a new Change Password option has been added to allow Content Contributors to change their password after login.  This can be accessed by clicking / selecting the "Welcome, User" link in the upper right hand corner of the user interface. 

See for more information.

Change Password Dialog