Percussion CMS Version 3.2 Release Notes


Release 3.2 includes the following enhancements:

Widget Builder (beta)

To support a greater range of widgets without the need to customize the application, Percussion has developed a Widget Builder that will allow users with HTML, CSS and Javascript skills to create their own custom widgets, while ensuring they are compatible with future releases of the Percussion CMS.  In 3.2, this feature is being released in beta to a limited number of customers. If you are interested in participating in the beta, please contact customer support.  

Widget Builder servers two main purposes:

  1. It allows designers to build custom widgets such as panel sliders or tabbed displays, that will allow content contributors to easily add content. 
  2. It supports the ability to create structured content comprised of multiple fields, similar to a blog post. For example, an Article widget could contain an author field, a title, a release date, a summary and the main body post.  

Percussion expects to release the widget builder as generally available in the 3.3 release.  

Widget Builder Overview

IE9 support

The Percussion CMS now supports IE9 in native (non-compatibility) mode. 

Customer Incidents

The following customer incidents were addressed in 3.2:


The Rich Text Editor was removed images after creating a managed link. This has been resolved.


Change the label on categories required reassigning all pages to that category.  It is now possible to change the category label without reassigning pages


If entering a border of 0px when inserting an image in the RTE, it was not being applied. The border is now applied.

Percussion Community issues

The following issues were raised on the Percussion Community and have been addressed in 3.2

  • The OnClick event is no longer being stripped by the Rich Text Editor
  • Changing an existing image within the Rich Text Editor is now updated upon Save
  • Customers can now rename or delete the default workflow without issues during import
  • When updating to 3.1 or 3.2, it is not necessary to clear the browser cache in order to edit page metadata
  • Thumbnails on the Design Manager are generating properly
  • Users can create a named anchor within the Rich Text Editor without a loss of content
  • Changing an existing link within the Rich Text Editor is now updated upon Save
  • Setting a new workflow as the default now moves existing content to the new workflow