Percussion CMS Version 3.3 Release Notes


Release 3.3 includes the following enhancements:

Widget Builder (GA)

To support a greater range of widgets without the need to customize the application, Percussion has developed a Widget Builder that will allow users with HTML, CSS and Javascript skills to create their own custom widgets, while ensuring they are compatible with future releases of the Percussion CMS.

Widget Builder serves two main purposes:

  1. It allows designers to build custom widgets such as panel sliders or tabbed displays, that will allow content contributors to easily add content. 
  2. It supports the ability to create structured content comprised of multiple fields, similar to a blog post. For example, an Article widget could contain an author field, a title, a release date, a summary and the main body post.  

To enable the Widget Builder, please contact Customer Support. 

Widget Builder Overview

Responsive Templates

In this release Percussion delivers a number of base responsive templates.  Built using the Zurb Foundation framework, these templates can be used to serve as the foundation of a mobile friendly website.  The templates use a 12-column flexible grid that can scale to any size. Templates come with appropriate CSS so no additional effort is needed to support various device browser sizes.  

To support Responsive Templates, some changes have been made to the template editor when editing responsive templates.  

  1. The Design Inspector is not available within Responsive Templates
  2. Because width and height of rows and columns is controlled by the underlying template, it is not possible to enter fixed width and height values as CSS overrides within the Region Properties
  3. When resizing region widths, regions will "snap to" the 12-column grid instead of resizing based on pixel width
  4. Regions that cannot be resized are outlined in a solid blue line instead of the dotted blue line when viewing the template layout. 

Most of Percussion's out-of-the-box Widgets are responsive, but the few that are not have been labeled so that if they are added to a responsive template, the user is warned.  

Using Percussion's Responsive Templates

How to Migrate your Site to a Responsive Design

Mobile Preview

When previewing pages, users will have the ability to preview the page as it would be displayed on desktop, tablet, or phone.  Preview contains a toolbar that allows you to select which device and which orientation (portrait vs landscape) to view the page.  For pages using a responsive design, when previewing at a smaller resolution, the content will wrap appropriately. For pages that are not responsive, when previewing at a small resolution, the horizontal scroll bar will appear.  

Customer Incidents

The following customer incidents were addressed in 3.3:

TAR 7245

RSS feeds were using the site name to generate links instead of the delivery-servers.xml configuration.  To address this, the Feed info service was modified to send the DTS host in the feed's page link, not the site. Feed is still stored and queried by the site name in both CM1 and DTS. Modified DTS feed service to use host in the feed's page link when generating links for each item in the feed - this results in using the delivery-server.xml host name in the feed links. To handle the case where DTS and web server are on different hosts, when the page with the RSS link in the live site is loaded, javascript appends the current host name from the browser URL as a query parameter to the feed link. Modified the DTS feed service to use this as the link host if supplied, otherwise falls back to using the page link host (DTS server).

TAR 7847

The Select Target Section menu for creating section links was timing out if a site's Navigation tree was too large. Performance has been greatly optimized to prevent time out. 

TAR 7913

The Blog Gadget was failing to load posts for Blogs with more than 100 items with summaries. Performance has been increased to load 100+ posts in less than 3 seconds.   

TAR 7918

Two issues related to jboss security vulnerabilities were addressed by restricting access to jboss only to localhost. 

TAR 7988

The Comments gadget was not communicating to the DTS over HTTPS. It was connecting over HTTP. This has been corrected to use SSL.  

TAR 8074

When updating a file asset with a new version of the file, for large file (i.e. 10MB), the update was failing. This has been addressed.

TAR 8123

An unsupported browser warning still appears on the log in page if using IE9. This was addressed. 

Percussion Community issues

The following issues were raised on the Percussion Community and have been addressed in 3.3:

  • For some users on IE8, the button bar in the Rich Text Widget was not appearing. This was resolved
  • If the CM1 server was set to a non-US time zone, calendar events would not appear in preview. This was addressed by outputting the calendar JSON in ISO-8601 format.
  • To ensure consistency for content contributors, Drop Down and Radio Button field in a form widget are displayed as required. 
  • LiveFirst was unable to import pages in sub-folders if a page matching the folder name already existed. For example, if was a page on the site, it would be imported but any pages in the folder would not be. That has been modified to enable the import
  • Secure sections no longer cache pages ensuring that if a user logs out, a subsequent user can't use the browser's Back button to access secure information. 
  • If an empty Categories widget was on a published page, it would cause scripting errors. That has been resolved. 
  • If a space was present following a comment when assigning a user to multiple groups, secure sections restricted to those groups would not authenticate. This has been addressed. 
  • The Bulk Upload widget was hard coded to only support the Percussion Default Workflow. This has been addressed so that users can approve assets upon uploading, even if using a different workflow. 
  • Select sites were unable to generate thumbnails on the Design Manager. This has been resolved. 
  • The Widget Builder prefix field was updated to prevent use of special characters, which were preventing a widget from being deployed.
  • Tooltips were added to the Global Variables gadget.
  • If a Rich Text or HTML assets contained a class of "perc-widget" that widget could not be opened for editing. This is due to people copying and pasting content from a published website. This has been resolved. 
  • Meta-data could not be edited if a user had a screen height of less than 800 pixels. This has been resolved. 
  • In the Design Manager, if the user's browser width was lower than 1024 pixels, the user could not scroll to see all templates. This has been resolved.