Percussion CMS Version 4.0 Release Notes

Percussion 4.0 is now available for download. 


Version 4.0 was intensely focused on improving system performance. There were a great number of changes to the core architecture to improve system performance and to increase the number of concurrent users without system degradation. We have seen a tenfold increase in the number of users that can access the system simultaneously. Usage of CPU and RAM as well as server response time was consistent over sustained load tests.  

As part of this change, we are now strongly recommending that all customers upgrade their Percussion CMS server to a 64-bit system. Much of the performance improvement we have gained is as a result of taking better advantage of 64-bit architecture.  

Configurable Homepage

As part of the improvements, we have provided the ability to configure the homepage of the user based on their role.  Each role can now be configured to have either the Dashboard or the Editor as their homepage. In the event that a given user has multiple roles, if any of those roles uses the Dashboard as the homepage, that will be the homepage for that user. 

The reason for this enhancement is that the Dashboard is the most resource intensive pages in the application.  For organizations that have a large number of occasional content contributors, we strongly recommend that you configure their homepage to the Editor page. This will improve system performance overall by reducing unnecessary load on the server. Those users can continue to access the dashboard, but it simply won't serve as their home page. 

In our upcoming releases we will focus on performance improvements in publishing as well as UI changes to improve page response times.

Customer Incidents

The following customer incidents were addressed in 4.0: 

  • If content from a live website published using a Percussion CMS was copy/pasted into a Rich Text or HTML widget, and if that content contained specific Percussion classes, that would cause the system to hang upon save of the widget.  This has now been resolved. 
  • If two users were attempting to modify a publishing server definition at the same time, this could cause data to be corrupted. This has been addressed by locking the record upon save. 
  • When proxying the Percussion CMS, links and images within the Rich Text Editor were not being resolved. By ensuring the Rich Text Editor uses relative links, this was resolved. 
  • Select javascript resources were appearing on pages even if the associated widget was not on the page. This has been resolved. 
  • The following javascript resources are now shipped in compressed format: superfish.js, hoverfish.js, perc-membership.js.