Percussion CMS Version 4.5 Release Notes

Percussion CMS Version 4.5 is now available to all customers on the Downloads page. 

Announcing Retirement of 32-bit support

As of February 2015, Percussion will no longer release 32-bit versions of the Percussion CMS.  Customers should plan to move their installation to a 64-bit instance. This is being done to ensure that hardware is not the source of performance issues for customers. 


Amazon S3 Publishing Support

For customers that want to host their website using Amazon's S3 cloud service can now configure Percussion CMS to publish to S3.  To understand the steps to host a static website on Amazon, see Setting Up a Static Website Using a Custom Domain

Once you worked with your internal Amazon AWS/S3 administrator to configure the service and have established your Amazon account and website, you can configure publishing in Percussion by entering your S3 bucket, access key and security key. 

New APIs

Percussion has created new Public APIs that are now generally available. The REST APIs have been created to allow developers to create objects and content within the Percussion CMS. This can be used as a migration technique or it can be used as a means of integrating with a third party application such as a product inventory repository.

Create Assets API

This REST API allows developers to create assets within the Percussion CMS. This includes custom assets created using widget builder.

Percussion CMS Content APIs

Customer Incidents

The following customer incidents were addressed in 4.5:

  • Unnecessary white space was added to the text within perc-blog-title class on blog post pages. This has been resolved.
  • In Blog list widget, a non-breaking space was being added to the page stemming from the “more link” element. The nbsp is no longer added.
  • The Content Contributor Homepage displayed dates 1 month in the future. This has been corrected. 
  • The Content Contributor Homepage was not respecting the widget configuration settings and was displaying all asset types. This has been fixed to use the widget configuration setting.  
  • The Delete Page dialog box contained incorrect information. The text has been modified.
  • When attempting to add an existing image to a Rich Text Widget from the library, the fields for title and alt text were not updated properly according to the image's saved details. That has been resolved.
  • If a shared asset was being used on a large number of pages (i.e. over 1000), there were performance problems during editing. That has been resolved.  
  • When using Publish Now to publish an asset shared across multiple sites, if the configuration for a particular pub server was incorrect, there was no feedback to the user that publish failed. That information is now displayed to the user.