How to configure Oracle driver jars

Given to the tremendously different architecture used in Oracle Database 12c, there are certain configuration changes that need to be made in Rhythmyx to have it working smooth with Oracle Database 12c. Details for the same can be found here. Also considering the different JRE versions used in Rhythmyx 7.3.0 and Rhythmyx 7.3.1 below is a chart that describes about which oracle jar should be used for these versions of Rhythmyx.

Oracle 11
Oracle 12
Location for Jar
Rhythmyx 7.3ojdbc6.jarojdbc6.jar





<Rhythmyx_Home>/AppServer/server/rx/lib (for JBoss)

<Rhythmyx_Home>/jetty/base/lib/jdbc (for Jetty)


These jars are made available in the patch '731_20160527' and '730_20160527'. After installing the patch, the jars should be available in the location - '<Rhythmyx_Home>/jdbc/oracle'. The relevant jar should be copied from this location to the location mentioned in the chart above. Please be sure that there is only one ojdbc jar file in this location.