Configure Logging for Jetty

Logging changes

Jetty uses log4j for logging in the same way as the JBoss service does.  However, The log configuration location and location of the log files are different on Jetty.

The logging configuration is stored in {RHYTHMYX_HOME }/jetty/base/resources/log4j.xml

By default all jetty logs are placed into jetty/base/logs.

The main Rhythmyx log can be found at jetty/base/logs/server.log   If this file gets too big >10Mb it will roll over to separate files server.log.1, server.log.2, and onwards onto whatever amount is configured, by default it will keep 10 files.  This setting can be changed in the log4j.xml file.

The structure of this file is the same as the JBoss version other than the change of path references and the removal of the console.log file.

Other Jetty log files

In addition you may see other log files in jetty/base/logs


Generally this file should not be modified unless directed by Percussion support, or when debugging a custom extension.  Information on the format of the file can be found here

If this log configuration is corrupted, the default logging can be used by removing this file or copying over jetty/defaults/log4j.xml to jetty/base/resources