Memory and Java settings for Jetty

The default memory and java settings for the Jetty instance are stored in: jetty/defaults/start.d/jvm.ini

The files in the Jetty defaults directory should not be modified on an install.  

To change these settings first copy the file from defaults to the following location: jetty/base/start.d/jvm.ini 

Changes can then be made to the copied version

Generally you only need to modify the -Xmx1024m setting to a higher amount to make use of more memory that you may have available on the system.

Since Patch 732_20171004.  There are some internal options no longer required in here. You can always refer to the base version in jetty/defaults/start.d/jvm.ini


Default Jetty Java options
## JVM Configuration
## If JVM args are include in an ini file then --exec is needed
## to start a new JVM from start.jar with the extra args.
## If you wish to avoid an extra JVM running, place JVM args
## on the normal command line and do not use --exec