Removing JBoss from install, and have Rhythmyx exclusively use only Jetty

All of JBoss files are stored in the AppServer folder.  

If you only wish to have Rhythmyx running with Jetty, the AppServer folder can be removed.  We advise that this folder still remain backed up in order to maintain the old configuration details.

In addition to backing up the AppServer folder, the RhythmyxServer.exe and RhythmyxServer.lax files should be backed up as well on Windows.  The Linux equivalent are RhythmyxServer.bin and RhythmyxServer.bin.lax files.

These files are currently only used to start the Rhythmyx JBoss install.  After being backed up, the Appserver directory, RhythmyxServer.exe, and RhythmyServer.lax can be safely removed.  If on Linux, the linux equivalent of RhythmyxServer.bin and RhythmyxServer.bin.lax  can be safely removed. 

For removing the old JBoss Rhythmyx service and installing the new Jetty Rhythmyx service, view Installing, starting, and stopping the new Jetty Service .



If you have a WebDav configuration set up, you will want to move the configuration files from {RHYTHMYX_HOME}\AppServer\server\rx\deploy\rxapp.ear\rxapp.war\WEB-INF\config\user\webdav\ to {RHYTHMYX_HOME}\jetty\base\webapps\Rhythmyx\WEB-INF\config\user\webdav .