Configuring FTPS Publishing

Support for FTPS publishing was added in the 732_20180228 patch.  Support for specifying the port range was added in the 732_20180314 Patch.

Registering a Delivery Type for FTPS Publishing

 Delivery Types are added in the 'Delivery Types' section of the 'Publishing Design' user interface in Rhythmyx. 

Steps to Register the Delivery Type

1. Login into Rhythmyx using the browser.
2. Click the tab for 'Publishing Design'.
3. On the left menu, choose 'Delivery Type'.
4. Then on the center of the page, choose Action > Create Delivery Type.
5. Provide a name for this Delivery Type, for eg: ftps
6. For the 'Spring Bean Name' field provide the value - sys_ftpsDeliveryHandler
7. Click Save.
8. Make the required changes in the site registration and content list(s) for publishing using this new delivery type.

Configuring the Delivery Type Definition

Delivery Types are configured by modifying the publisher-beans.xml file in the Rhythmyx configuration.  This file can be found in the following locations:





FTPS Bean Definition

The following bean definition should exist in the publisher-beans.xml file for the Delivery Type to be activated by the system.

<bean id="sys_ftpsDeliveryHandler" class="">
<!-- Snipped Comments -->
name="transactional" value="true"/>

Available Properties

<property name="timeout" value="-1"/>

defaults to -1 as not defined. It is the socket timeout in milliseconds for both when opening a socket and a currently open connection

<property name="usePassiveMode" value="false"/>

Defaults to false.  Determines if using passive or active mode for the FTP client.  Defaults to use active mode. If using passive mode is on, then it will also disable the remote verification.

<property name="usePrivateDataChannel" value="true"/>

Defaults to true for FTPS.  Determines if the client requires a private / secure channel for ftp data connections.

<property name="connectTimeout" value="true"/>

Defaults to 0 as not defined.  Sets the connection timeout in milliseconds, which will be passed to the Socket object's connect() method.

<property name="maxRetries" value="10"/>

Defaults to 10. Sets the max number of FTP connection retries before stopping the publishing job.

<property name="activePortRange" value="0-65000"/>

Defaults to 0 as not defined.  If using active FTP mode (the default), then this will configure the port range that the Percussion FTP client will use for active data connections to the remote FTP servers data and connection port.  Must be set in following format: <startport>-<endport> e.g. 60000-60001

<property name="transactional" value="true"/>

Determines if the content will be published in a transaction where all the content items are created and written to temporary files before they are written to the target.  If false each item is written to the target as it is created.

Setting FTPS Connection Settings

FTP, FTPS, and SFTP server details are configured by editing the 'Site' in 'Publishing Design' area of the Rhythmyx user interface.