Rhythmyx 7.3.2 Latest Patch

Patch id: 732_20191021

This patch includes several improvements to FTPS and SFTP publishing, adds new support for switching between Velocity versions, includes an updated Jetty runtime with a number of updates for security and performance, and improves on system logging when running under the Jetty profile.


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Previous Patches

Please note that all patches are cumulative.  The links here are to provide reference access to the release notes for everything that is included in this patch.  Prior patches do not need to be installed before installing this patch.

This patch includes the following changes:

Change Description

RHYT-2672 Add support for Implicit FTPS mode on port 990

The FTPS publisher can operate in explicit or implicit mode and supports a number additional configuration properties. Explicit mode is the default.  This update adds support for the older Implicit mode for customers that have security requirements that aren't aligned with the newer Explicit FTPS standard.

To turn on Implicit FTPS.  The IIS FTPS server must be configured for port 990, configured to require SSL with a valid SSL certificate.  

On the Rhythmyx side, the jetty/webapps/Rhythmyx/WEB-INF/config/user/spring/publisher-beans.xml file needs edited to add:

  <property name="implicitMode" value="true"/>

To the <bean id="sys_ftpsDeliveryHandler"
class=""> configuration element.

Changes to this file do require a restart of the Percussion service.

The Site in the Rhythmyx Sites ui needs to be updated to publish to port 990 on the target server. 

FTPS on the server is generally a Microsoft IIS protocol, use the SFTP publisher for linux systems.

Microsoft's documentation on FTPS configuration options can be found here:

[RHYT-2678] - Update Automated Title for Inline Images / Links to account for Aria Label if it is set

The system will now check inline links when rendering for the presence of aria-label attributes.  If these attributes are detected, then the title attribute will be removed.  If no arial-label attribute is found, the system will render the title attribute as before.  This is to prevent "double" speaking issues with accessibility users of the published website.

[RHYT-2690] - Provide a mechanism to switch the Velocity version from patched version to current and back

A new tool has been added to the system that allows for the version of Apache Velocity used by the product to be switched between versions.  This is to provide customers with the ability to test out, or revert back to earlier versions if there are compatibility issues with existing templates, then switch to the more recent version when ready.  As new Velocity versions are picked up, they will ne added using this same mechanism.  The default version of Velocity will always be the latest.  See the Velocity Version Switching page for more information.   If you have been blocked by patching due to Velocity backwards compatibility issues, this new tool will resolve that problem.

[RHYT-2691] - Update Jetty to jetty-9.4.22.v20191022

The Jetty application server has been updated to the current release version and should be a drop in replacement for the prior version.  Full details on the changes to Jetty can be found by reviewing the <InstallDir>/jetty/upstream/VERSION.txt file, or on the Jetty release page

[RHYT-2692] - Add support for extended OpenSSH options to the SFTP publisher

The SFTP publisher has been updated to read a file from: <InstallDir>/rxconfig/ssh-keys/config if it is available.  Any supported SSH options will be auto configured from this file on SFTP sessions.  More information can be found on the help page for the SFTP publisher

[RHYT-2685] - Logging when running under jetty is not including log entries from java.util.logging or apache commons logging

The system logging configuration when running under the Jetty server has been improved and upgraded to use the Log4j2 framework. Several components that were not logging correctly when (namely DEBUG level logging) running under jetty will now log correctly.  The console-capture logging module has been enabled by default and a new <date>-jetty.log file will contain any data that is logged to STDOUT or STDERR.  More information on the new logging configuration can be found on the Configuring Jetty Logging page on the help site. 

NOTE: When patching you may see the following error in the Patch install log:

[java] ERROR StatusLogger No Log4j 2 configuration file found. Using default configuration (logging only errors to the console), or user programmatically provided configurations. Set system property 'log4j2.debug' to show Log4j 2 internal initialization logging. See for instructions on how to configure Log4j 2

This error is benign and can be ignore.

[RHYT-2687] - The user's publisher-beans.xml file configuration was getting overwritten by patch

An issue was corrected where the jetty/base/webapps/Rhythmyx/WEB-INF/config/user/spring/publisher-beans.xml file was incorrectly being overwritten by the patch. This could cause custom properties set in this file to be lost after patching.  Going forward this system will no longer update this file. 

[RHYT-2689] - Search indexing of Image types was failing, add support for additional image formats

A problem was discovered related search indexing of Image files, where all images were failing to index or be removed from the search queue.  This had negative impacts on system performance and created problems with full text search results for Image content types.  The problem has been corrected in this patch and image processing support was updated to support additional file formats like bmp, tiff, or psd files.