Rhythmyx 7.3.2 Latest Patch

Patch id: 732_20190605

This patch includes several updates and bug fixes.  Several common issues were also addressed in the Patch install.  Most notably this patch contains an update to both Velocity and Velocity Tools that should further improve backwards compatibility with Templates developed on 1.x versions of Velocity, as well as expose new features and language options.  For the list of changes to Velocity, please see the Velocity 2.1 Change Log


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Previous Patches

Please note that all Patches are cumulative.  The links here are to provide reference access to the release notes for everything that is included in this patch.  Prior patches do not need to be installed before installing this patch.

This patch includes the following changes:

Change Description

[RHYT-2558] - Patch installation fails when updating root.war's web.xml file on external DTD

An issue was reported by some customers that the patch would fail during patching if the web.xml in the root application contained an external DTD reference but outbound http was blocked by the server's network policy.  This has been resolved in this patch. 

[RHYT-2643] - Patch fails to install on missing jboss or jetty ROOT web.xml

An issue was reported where patch installation could fail if the JBOSS root web.xml file was not present.  This issue has been resolved by this patch.  The patch will install the file if it is missing. 

[RHYT-2644] - Database authentication fails if LDAP is configured and there is an error in an LDAP connection

A problem was discovered where any invalid Directories in the security configurations would cause Database authentication to fail as well.  This problem has been corrected by this patch. 

[RHYT-2645] - Update Velocity to Velocity 2.1 and the Release 3.0 version of Velocity Tools

Velocity has been updated to the release 2.1 version and the 3.0 version of the Velocity Tools.  This update contains several backwards compatibility features that required custom versions of Velocity in prior releases, and corrects a few bugs in the 2.0 version of Velocity.  If you received unexpected Velocity errors in prior updates, we would recommend installing this patch. 

[RHYT-2649] - Content Types with Child Tables that contain images fail to load after upgrade to 7.3.2

A problem was reported with the PSO Image Editor where new Images could be created, but they weren't editable.  This turned out to be related to a previous fix for Child Tables where the Revision Number was ignored for Child Table rows, all revisions for child tables were being returned, instead of the specific revision being edited.  This issue is corrected by this patch and the Image Editor should work correctly after applying the patch.  No configuration changes are required. 

[RHYT-2650] - Unable to rename the folder when parent folder is in different community

For customers using multiple Communities on a single site, it is possible to have multiple sub folders in the Navigation that are in different communities.  With the 7.3.2 release a rule was put in place to not allow for this configuration as it can cause problems if the multiple communities are not intentional.  A new server property navAllowMixedCommunities has been added that defaults to false. Setting this property to true will allow for sub folders with Navigation, to have different Communities than their parent folder.

[RHYT-2652] - Action menu's fail to render due to not being initialized with bad CUSTOM_MAIL_CLASS property

A problem was corrected where if a bad custom mail class was configured in the rxconfig/Workflow/ file, all Action Menu's and Workflow options would fail to load. This issue has been corrected by this patch.  

[RHYT-2653] - ACL Cache Warmup fails with errors on startup due to hibernate locking errors when bad acl data is present

A problem was corrected where the system would fail to start the ACL cache due to errors cleaning up old, corrupted ACL's.  The system should now properly self-repair corrupted ACL data on startup without errors.

[RHYT-2656] - Missing JBoss files causes patch installation failure

A problem was corrected in the Patch installer where Patch installation could fail if a customer had, correctly, removed JBOSS from the installation tree. The patch will no longer fail in environments where this has taken place.

[RHYT-2646] - Stop shipping JRE updates with Patch

The patch installer will no longer include or backup the JRE directory on patch installation.  This is part of the ongoing changes to Java licensing, and is intended to allow customers to use the operating system provided JRE 1.8 or the JRE enterprise subscription for Java.  

[RHYT-2647] - Add a --skipVersion option to the patch that will skip version check

 An improvement has been made to the patch installer to allow a patch to be run after a patch Install or Uninstallation failure occurs.  Often times a patch can fail for a minor problem such as permissions issues, etc and re-running the patch install is necessary.  To re-run a failed patch install, run the patch with the --skipVersion option.  For example:  ./ --skipVersion.  This will disable the version check and allow the patch to be installed regardless of the version detected. 

Known Issues / Limitations

RHYT-2575 Workflow Notifications: Invalid notification template results in template source code being emailed

It is important to validate that Workflow Notifications have valid Velocity syntax when setting up custom notification templates.  Syntax errors will result in malformed notification messages.  This will be resolved in a future patch. 

RHYT-2574 Workflow Notification Content Item Velocity Bindings are only referenceable via ${fieldname} syntax

The bindings for notification templates currently require that ${fieldname} syntax be used to reference content item fields.  $fieldname $!fieldname or $!{fieldname} syntax does not currently work for these bindings.  This will be addressed in a future patch. 

RHYT-2576 Workflow Notifications - double links are sent if ${wflink} or $!{wflink} used intead of $wflink by template developer

When adding links to custom notification templates, the $wflink variable must be used.  $!wflink, ${wflink} or $!{wflink} will result in a second notification link being appended to the notification message.  This will be addressed in a future patch. 

RHYT-1935 - Folder with old name need to be removed manually after publishing.

Once a folder name is changed and publishing is done, the new folder is published to the publish location, however, the folder with the old name is still present in that location and currently needs to be removed manually.