Rhythmyx 7.3.2 March 2017 Patch

Rhythmyx 7.3.2 March 2017 Patch

Here you can find information regarding the latest Rhythmyx patch release.  Please see the support portal at https://support.percussion.com for access to product Downloads and Patches.

Patch id: 732_20170409


Downloads are available via the support portal at http://support.percussion.com


  • RHYT-1516 - Fix ldaps protocol handling in Jetty and Jboss
  • RHYT-1517 - Find Base DNs Button in Ldap Configuraton does not work
  • RHYT-1477 - New icon and banner missing for dce
  • RHYT-1499 - Patch removing jnlp entry in web.xml if old version exists
  • RHYT-1481 - web.xml is not updated from patch if last modified is more recent than xsl in patch.
  • RHYT-1482 - DCE - Help About Copyright Year displays as @COPYRIGHTYEAR@
  • RHYT-1483 - DCE Login always using windows username, not persisting username from last login
  • RHYT-1486 - Patch DCE - Help About dialog window Link to www.percussion.com does not work
  • RHYT-1438 - Jetty was missing X-UA-Compatible header
  • RHYT-1478 - Desktop content explorer link to download on other pages was pointing to wrong location