Rhythmyx 7.3.2 20180709 Patch

Rhythmyx 7.3.2 20180709 Patch

Here you can find information regarding the latest Rhythmyx patch release.  Please see the support portal at https://support.percussion.com for access to product Downloads and Patches.

Patch id: 732_20180709

This patch includes defect corrections related to the sessions, publishing and others. This patch updates the Velocity Template Engine.  Please see Updating to Velocity 2.0.


Downloads are available via the support portal at https://support.percussion.com

Previous Patches

This patch includes the following changes:


[RHYT-1922] - Add support for getting the userName and user roles from within a Velocity template

Support added for getting the currently logged in user and user roles in velocity so that code can be conditionally displayed based on user role during assembly. Click here for more information 

Defects Corrected in the Patch

[RHYT-1903] - Authentication Required error even during active user session

An issue with the session getting expired and requiring authentication which the user is actively working in the UI is resolved. The user will not be shown a session timeout warning while actively working on the UI.  This update corrects the issue in all Content Editors including the TinyMCE, EditLive!, rich text editors. 

[RHYT-1925] - SFTP, FTPS, and FTP Publishing Fails if Folder in Rx Content Explorer Was Renamed on Published Server

An issue was reported that caused Publishing to fail if a Folder in Content Explorer was renamed and unpublished.  This has been corrected in this patch.

[RHYT-1926] - Browse locale selection list not sorted by default

An issue where the locale selection list was not getting displayed in sorted order has been addressed. After applying the Patch the list is sorted alphabetically. 

[RHYT-1910] -  Correct path for java.security during backup of JRE and JRE64 folder when patch is installed

An issue was corrected in the Patch installation / uninstallation proess where the  java.security policy was inconsitently backed up between JRE and JRE64.  This has been corrected in this patch, and each security policy will be backed up and restored seperately. 

[RHYT-1919]  - Internal session leak when processing concurrent Workflow notifications

A resource leak that could causes extraneous internal sessions to be created and not released was corrected in the Workflow Notifications feature.  

Known Issues

RHYT-1935 - Folder with old name need to be removed manually after publishing.

Once a folder name is changed and publishing is done, the new folder is published to the publish location, however, the folder with the old name is still present in that location and currently needs to be removed manually.