Rhythmyx 7.3.2 20180709 Patch

Rhythmyx 7.3.2 20180823 Patch

Here you can find information regarding the latest Rhythmyx patch release.  Please see the support portal at https://support.percussion.com for access to product Downloads and Patches.

Patch id: 732_20180823

This patch includes enhancements to workflow notifications and the DCE. This patch updates the Velocity Template Engine.  Please see Updating to Velocity 2.0.


Downloads are available via the support portal at https://support.percussion.com

Previous Patches

This patch includes the following changes:


[RHYT-1920] - Improve the performance of Community & Permission Filtering during Workflow Notification processing

The overal performance of Workflow Transitions and Workflow Notification processing has been improved by introducing a new background queue for processing and filtering permissions for Workflow Notifications. 

[RHYT-1850] Add support for sending workflow notifications to users who cannot log in to server.

When used in combination with the loginDisabled attribute, external users may be created and added to Workflow State Role notifications.  These users will have notifications filtered using the same commnity and permissions filtering rules as regular users in the same community role. 

[RHYT-1931] - Add a user attribute for disabling login for a specific user

A new configuration option has been added to configure wether a user account can log into the System.  This can be used to filter notifications for external users that can't log into the CMS to be filtered by community.  A User would be created for each external user and they would be added to a Community Role.  This can also be used to specifically disable a user's ability to log into the system.  To use the property, edit the User on the Security tab of the Server Administrator and add an attribute called loginDisabled and set it to true.  

Screenshot of Server Administrator Editing the Properties of a user with loginDisabled set to true

[RHYT-1921] - Add Links to Publishing Design, Run Time, Workflow and Admin to the DCE banner 

The Desktop Content Explorer (DCE) has been enhanced to include Publushing Design, Run Time, Workflow, and Admin links when a user with Admin privileges is logged into the DCE.

Screenshot of Desktop Content Explorer with the new Admin Links

Defects Corrected 

[RHYT-1936] - Workbench : Null Pointer Exception when loading menus prevents menu's from being edited

An error could occur that would prevent menu's from being loaded in the UI Elements Design tab if a Menu was stored with incomplete data in the backend.  The menu views have been updated to skip menu's that cannot be loaded and to log an error for the menu that has a problem, instead of just erroring out and failing to display the menu list. The Developer Tools will need re-installed from the server after applying this patch. 


Known Issues

RHYT-1935 - Folder with old name need to be removed manually after publishing.

Once a folder name is changed and publishing is done, the new folder is published to the publish location, however, the folder with the old name is still present in that location and currently needs to be removed manually.